Candied Oranges with
chocolate coating.

100% natural

Original Spanish Recipe.
Authentic chocolate coating.
Free of any preservatives.

Orange and chocolate provide
a perfect pairing in flavor, texture and color.
A palatable sweet anytime of the day. Awaken your senses
with the citrus flavor of orange and chocolate.

The warm climate of the Mediterranean born
the juiciest oranges. Candied orange preserves its taste
and later covered in chocolate creating a sophisticated
bonbon: an explosion of taste that will make you
repeat the experience.

Orange Premium Presentation to heighten
the product and to intensify senses, tubular format ideal
for gift or complement wine and spirits.

We use authentic chocolate to cover our oranges bonbon.

COMPLETELY NATURAL, FREE OF ANY PRESERVATIVE , high quality product in taste and health. "Happiness is made by small things".

Weight of products can move about 10%.
2kg box.
18 units, 230g, presented in a tube.
12 units, 160g, presented in a tube.
Created by Ernest Mateu